Did you know that the typical tactics for general influence situations often don’t work with powerful people? Whether you are an individual trying to influence up, or an organization who suffers from the “Goliath curse,” in The Underdog Edge (Morgan James) you’ll learn why being the underdog is an advantage when influencing up, and how to engage the edge for influence success. Amy Showalter is a grassroots persuasion pioneer. She has drawn on over twenty years of experience teaching organizations how to get powerful people on their side, as well as over 10 national research projects with thousands of underdog influencers and those who mobilize them to reveal the extreme influence tactics required for upward influence. Not content with only one side of the story, she also has interviewed the high-powered people whose minds were changed by an “ordinary” person. You’ll learn of over 30 behaviors deployed by successful underdog persuaders and how you can foster those behaviors in yourself, your stakeholders, and throughout your organization’s culture.

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Amy shares with CNBC why talking politics at work is good for business. Read the article here.